Best Outdoor Aluminium and Timber Shutters

Best Outdoor Aluminium and Timber Shutters

If you’re in the market for new shutters, look no further, here we offer the best outdoor aluminium shutters Melbourne, and timber shutters melbourne you can ever find at the cheapest rate.  If you want to take control of light, views, privacy and ventilation in your home, aluminium and timber window shutters are the ideal solution. The angle of the blades can be tilted to allow as much or as little of these things as you desire, allowing you to create the perfect atmosphere within your home. our main aim is to provide quality external shutters at affordable prices in melbourne. 

External Aluminium Shutters. 
External aluminium shutters are incredibly secure and durable, you can rest assured that they will also offer your home protection against the potential threat of intruders and severe weather. External louvres retain the breeze and natural light while increasing the level of privacy and weather protection. Available in fixed and adjustable louvres and a range of apertures. 

All of our external aluminium shutters are custom designed to suit your home or building, they are also designed to be long-term, quality solution to control sun, wind, privacy and security. All finishes are powder coated. They’re perfect for use on windows, doors, sliding doors, or as room dividers. Not only are they great for indoor use, but they can also be used externally on areas such as the patio, where the powder coated aluminium won’t be affected by the harsh elements.

Product Features
  • Higher safety and security
  • Made of durable aluminium: will not corrode, discolour or warp and requires no on-going maintenance saving you time and money.
  • Internal or External installation
  • Different track options for bigger openings
  • Keyed locking system – Double locks available
  • Super silent and easy to operate
Our Aluminium Shutters, have been developed especially for external applications. Unaffected by long periods of water contact, all panel construction is made with stainless steel screws to resist moisture. The Aluminium Shutters are custom-made to order and constructed from high quality materials.

Timber Shutters 
Timber shutters add colour and interest to the outside of a building and can really bring the fa├žade to life.
We are master craftsmen at working in cedar and sustainable timbers. Whatever blade profile, shape, size or finish your designer has in mind, for any opening, from fixed to bi-fold, we can make it to your exact requirements. We'd love to make it a reality that will last.
Add charm and character to the exterior of your property with external timber shutters.
Cedar West shutters are designed for external use around windows and doors, and feature fixed (non-moving) timber blades.
All of Cedar West's external timber shutters are custom made to size by experienced craftsmen, using high quality materials, in melbourn. 
Why Choose Shutters made from Cedar?
Western Red Cedar is a durable timber that remains dimensionally stable under most weather conditions. Cedar also has great insulation properties, and is naturally resistant to rot, decay and insect attack. Most importantly, Western Red Cedar is pitch and resin-free, which makes it ideal for use with a wide variety of painted coatings.
Whether your looking to create an enclosed outdoor room, screen off part of a pergola or add protection to windows and doors, Aluminium and Timber shutters are perfect for enhancing your outdoor living area.

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